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All the streets in Northwest Arkansas are not paved with gold.  According to the 2000 US Census report, 14.6% people in Washington County live below the poverty line, which calculates to approximately 23,000 people.  That means one out of every four children in Arkansas lives in poverty.  In 2000, Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families reported that 38,037 single women with children lived below the poverty line.  In Fayetteville, there were 3,106 single-parents with children (632 men and 2,474 women).  The statistics are staggering and displays a need for restoration, which is why Restore CDC was established.

Mission Statement

Restore CDC was founded in 2008 and it’s Mission is to promote programs designed to unite the Northwest Arkansas (NWA) community across racial, religious, and economic barriers by becoming a catalyst for economic development of underdeveloped NWA in order to benefit its disadvantaged residents as well as provide job training, employment, and other human service programs for the residents of S. Fayetteville.

Restore CDC’s vision is to rebuild and renovate.  Restore CDC will rebuild the foundations of our community and restore the neighborhoods in which we live in.  Restore CDC will provide services that will focus on empowering the family as well as the community for success while encouraging entrepreneurship and economic development.


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