Restore Community Development Corporation, Inc.


The "Nehemiah" Housing Development Project

Restore CDC’s plan is to restore and rebuild the houses of S. Fayetteville.  Restore will acquire properties that are in rural, slum, or blight areas of Fayetteville and renovate them.   Once the properties are at market value, Restore will either rent the properties out to low-income families, sell them at an affordable price to single-parents, or sell them at fair market value on the real estate market. 

Restore CDC’s primary goal is to provide safe and affordable housing to families with children as well as the elderly.  The benefits of this program are the stimulation of the local economy through tax increase and the acquisition of wealth for families who might otherwise not have an opportunity to establish any. 

If you want more information regarding this program or want to contribute to this cause in some way, please contact Genette Howard, Executive Director, at

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