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Project Re-up Ministries (P.R.U.M.)

P.R.U.M. is a faith-based program aimed at reducing the rate of recidivism among ex-offenders by reintegrating them back into the community through educational programs, employment opportunities, and life skills training. 

P.R.U.M.’s mission is to stop recidivism by empowering the Man of God to prosper.  P.R.U.M. believes that full human potential and growth can only be achieved through a strong emphasis on spirituality.  By establishing a relationship with God through the “whole man” principle, ex-offenders receive the necessary tools to succeed and become productive members of their communities.    

P.R.U.M. will collaborate with the Department of Community Corrections (DCC) and the Inner Change Freedom Initiative (IFI) Program to determine offenders that are eligible for release to P.R.U.M.  IFI is a pre-release rehabilitation program for offenders during their incarceration.  Upon graduating from the IFI program, the offender will be referred to P.R.U.M. for post-release rehabilitation services.  The services offered will include, but are not limited to the following:

●  Mentorship
●  Discipleship Training
●  Job Searches
●  Job Application Process
●  Resume Development
●  Home Maintenance
●  Economic or Financial Counseling

For more information concerning this program or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Terrence Spencer, Program Coordinator, at

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