Restore Community Development Corporation, Inc.


Second Saturdays

This program is designed to provide two of the basic necessities that people need to live healthy and productive lives, food and clothing.  Restore CDC’s goal is to feed and clothe hundreds of people every second Saturday of the month beginning in March 2010. 

Research has shown that people cannot concentrate on other areas of their lives if they don’t have food, clothing, and shelter.  This outreach seeks to provide those basic needs to low-income families through major distribution of food and clothing. 

Eventually, this program will expand to include daily after school meals for children and feeding people who are homeless every Saturday of the month. 

Restore desires to partner with other businesses that are currently providing the same type of services in Fayetteville or the NWA area. 

If you would like to partner with Restore, donate goods and services, or volunteer, please contact Dana Posey, Program Coordinator, at

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